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At Schoon we have one goal – to nourish the body and soul with simple, fresh food that honours the field, the farmer and the craftsman.

We are known for our dark naturally leavened breads, made from freshly milled stoneground flour, and our decadent pastries. We go to great lengths to find ethically farmed produce to create wholesome, delicious, honest food.

Eating. With purpose.

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Product Price
Baguette R 27.00
Pain Rustique R 33.00
Schoon's Sourdough R 38.00
Dark Rye Bread R 48.00
Country Loaf R 38.00
Cheese Stick R 22.00
Green Olive stick R 22.00
Choc Stick R 22.00
Ezekiel Bread R 58.00
Rene's Rye R 58.00
Corn Porridge Bread R 44.00
Mosbolletjies R 58.00
Double Schoon's Sourdough R 70.00


Product Price
Plain Croissant R 30.00
Chocolate Hazelnut Croissant R 45.00
Almond Croissant R 45.00
Baked Cheesecake R 48.00
Chocolate Cheesecake R 52.00
Pasteis de Nata R 25.00
Friand R 32.00
Cronut R 25.00
Butterkuchen R 20.00
Seasonal Fruit Danish R 38.00
Cream Caramel Cronut R 25.00
Strawberry & Yogurt Cronut R 25.00
Rose Croissant R 45.00

Retail Items

Product Price
Nastergal Jam R 60.00
Raspberry Jam R 60.00
Strawberry Jam R 60.00
Slow Roasted Tomatoes R 65.00
Gideon Cake Flour - 2.5kg R 50.00
Gideon Bread Flour - 2.5kg R 50.00
Gideon Whole-wheat Flour - 2.5kg R 50.00
Ground Coffee Beans - 250g R 75.00
Coffee Beans - 250g R 75.00


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